How to become a Your Paw supplier

If you run a grooming business and are interested in becoming a Your Paw supplier, this is how it works.

We supply you with display samples a training session and a starter pack of materials.

All you do is take the original print or cast which is easy and weíll show you how, you send this to us to make the finished item and we either send it back to you or directly to your customer.

You earn a generous commission on every item you send in to us.

See the home page for a full price list.

Carriage is free for 3 items or more, less than three and we split the carriage cost between us.

Ongoing origination materials are charged at discounted rates and take advantage of our bulk purchasing but they are small part of the price.

Leaflets are supplied free of charge on request

For further details of commission rates, typical material and carriage costs please contact us for a supplier pack or just a chat!

Call 020 8648 7455 or email